Welcome to SCB Associates

We provide training solutions in quality improvement methodologies including problem solving, Six Sigma, Robust Design and TRIZ. In particular we specialise in new product and technology development and have an extensive Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) programme.

Realise your potential

"The greatest waste in the world today is the waste of unfulfilled human potential..."
We cannot get back wasted time and we cannot create time, but we can strive to become more effective and efficient in the future. SCB Associates can help you, your team, your department or company, to realise some of that true potential. With over 25 years successful experience in implementing Continuous Improvement programmes across a wide range of industries, we know what works. Through interactive training, mentoring and consultancy we can help you develop new and effective ways to achieve your goals.

Return on your investment

Our training is not just about getting a certificate of attendance or a "tick in the box" by the auditor. We know that you are looking for a real return on your investment of resources and we will work with you to ensure correct alignment with your business priorities. Much of our training is project based, ensuring an immediate application of the benefits to the business priorities.

Long term working relationship

More than 90% of our business is repeat business. Once we start to work with a client we are very keen to build an on-going relationship which will benefit both parties. An example of this would be our free help line support, that is available to all our clients on an on-going basis.

Five Star Service

Our customer satisfaction levels speak for themselves:
  • Instructor ratings greater than 95% - Excellent
  • Over 98% say their time was well spent
  • More than 95% would recommend to their colleagues